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Since its inception in 1999, Timberline Flooring Center has grown from a local commercial flooring establishment to one of Houston’s most respected authorities in the world of carpet and flooring. We have been serving both residential and commercial clients across Houston and the surrounding communities, consistently delivering on our promise of quality and innovation.

Our team at Timberline Flooring Center constantly stays ahead of the curve by watching industry trends closely and sourcing the latest materials that align with these developments. In the dynamic landscape of Houston carpet and flooring, we remain steadfast in our commitment to bringing the finest flooring materials from across the globe to your doorstep.

Carpet showroom at Timberline Flooring Center in Houston

Discover beatutifulQuality Flooring

Our reputation as a leading Houston carpet and flooring center is built on our unwavering commitment to quality. From the moment Timberline was founded in the late 1990s, we set out to provide our clients with superior products, backed by our exclusive relationships with the world’s top manufacturers.

Every piece of flooring material that arrives at Timberline undergoes rigorous quality inspections. We ensure there are no cracks, the thickness is consistent, the color value is accurate, and the surface markings, product reliability, finish, and plank size meet our high standards. Quality control is not just a process; at Timberline, it is a culture.

Our Suppliers: Partners in Excellence

Timberline Flooring Center is synonymous with quality, and this extends to our supplier selection process. Our suppliers, meticulously chosen for their commitment to excellence and environmentally sustainable practices, produce some of the highest quality tiles, hardwood flooring, carpeting, and natural biodegradable products worldwide.

From the most elegant decorative carpeting to robust flooring materials that can handle the most demanding commercial job requirements, we have what you need. Our Houston carpet and flooring product line is designed to fit any budget, project timeline or job.

Carpet showroom at Timberline Flooring Center in Houston
Carpet showroom at Timberline Flooring Center in Houston

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Timberline’s commitment to outstanding customer service and a superior shopping experience sets us apart. We invite you to visit our spacious Houston showroom to explore an array of flooring surfaces in various textures, styles, designs, and colors. Discover the Timberline difference today, and step into a world of flooring solutions that transcend the ordinary.