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When it comes to taking your home’s interior to the next level, Timberline can help you find some of the best looking tile available today. Transforming your home has never been easier thanks to a wide and virtually unlimited selection of exclusive patterns, beautiful motifs and vibrant colors.

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Our extensive portfolio of tile in Houston contains a big selection of the latest and most cutting-edge environmentally-friendly tiles. This includes bamboo, cork and even tile made to resemble wood. With an almost endless number of themes, styles and design options, we offer more products than anywhere else in the region. We are trusted and respected by more contractors and homeowners than any other Houston flooring company.

The best tile flooring in Houston

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We invite you to stop by our large Houston showroom to learn more about Timberline and our beautiful and carefully-sourced products. Our gallery features products that come in virtually any color, style or texture imaginable. From home renovation projects to new construction and repair jobs, Timberline Flooring Center of Houston has the products that will make your home or business truly unique end beautiful.

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Discover the transformative potential of our tile flooring and wall solutions. Whether redesigning a space or starting fresh, visit our Houston showroom to see how Timberline’s tiles can redefine your interiors.